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Electronic Transmitters/Software Developers

Filing Specifications

Electronic Transmitter Information for Excise, Sales & Use, and Withholding Taxes

NOTE: If your electronic filing software produces printed forms, you must separately enroll and test printed forms. See Substitute Forms Developers on the right.

Substitute Forms Developers

Creating your own version of Illinois Department of Revenue tax forms?

  • Guidelines for Substitute Tax Forms (Form IL-8633-SF) - Technical specifications, enrollment form, and testing requirements.
  • Draft Forms (Password protected area) - Enrollment as a substitute forms developer is required. Account access to the draft forms area will reset on 10-6-2016. New passwords will be sent out when a completed 2016 IL-8633-SF is received. See the above “Guidelines for Substitute Forms“ for the form and further details.

NOTE: If your substitute forms print from electronic filing software you develop, you must separately enroll and test your software. See Electronic Transmitters/Software Developers on the left.

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